Devin Booker

Devin Booker

Learning to be a full-stack software engineer at Base Camp Coding Academy.

Hello there. I am from Water Valley, MS. I currently attend Base Camp Coding Academy and am learning how to be an efficient, competitive, and well-learned software engineer. It has always been a dream of mine to work in the software industry, and I have been working toward that dream since the start of my high school career.

Skills: C#, ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework, Python, Django, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, Spring, SQL, Git


ASP.Net Crud App

Technologies: C#, Razor Pages, Entity Framework

  • CRUD app made in ASP.Net and Entity Framework
  • User can make a dog, product, price, and more
  • Demonstrates use of Razor Pages

Dynamic Components

Technologies: HTML/CSS, JavaScript

  • Multiple working components built with js
  • Has a real time analog clock
  • Buttons that can count down, up, and be reset
  • Real time digital clock

Antique Shop

Technologies: HTML/CSS

  • Developed a website for a small business that sells antique items using basic HTML and CSS for class.
  • Site has multiple web pages
  • Implements flexbox and grid


Base Camp Coding Academy

  • A part of the team at Base Camp responsible for gathering supplies and coming up with sustainable methods for easily procuring the resources the facility needs.
  • Manage financial expenses to see how much we spend on supplies and coming up with ways on how to spend less money while helping Base Camp run efficiently.
  • Promoted to co-manager of Management team where we make sure the rest of the students complete their daily duties efficiently.
  • I have interned at Morgan White Group where I furthered my knowledge of .NET, the development process, business logics, and worked with developers to help them solve problems.

Mississippi Lion's club member

  • Contributed to the team by participating in multiple teams vs teams competitions and my team won a majority of the challenges.
  • Learned to be competitive by helping the team win multiple competitions.

Tallahatchie Valley EPA

  • Attended leadership workshops to network with politicians from Mississippi as well as Washington D.C.
  • Learned to take initiative in the group, by constantly being in group activities and solving the problems
  • Learned to think about and work with the greater collective to benefit everyone with constant team-building exercises.