Who am I?

My name is Devin Booker and I am currently learning to be a full-stack software engineer.

Hello there, I am from Water Valley, MS. I currently attend Base Camp Coding Academy and am learning how to be an efficient, competitive, and well-learned software-engineer. It has always been a dream of mine to work in the software industry, and I have been working toward that dream since the start of my high school career.

Things I Can Do

I have developed many skills from the workshops I have attended, connections I have made, and from BCCA such as...

  • Learning langaues like Python, HTML, and CSS
  • Taking initiative and learning code all on my own
  • Good etiquette

A Few Accomplishments

Things I have done in my life that have gifted life-longs skills that would help me in my career

Base Camp

To preface, Base Camp Coding Academy is an 11-month program that teaches high school graduates to be full-stack web developers. I am very grateful to have been accepted into BCCA and to use this experience as a launch point to turn my dreams into a reality.

Lions Club

Another trip I was specifically selected for taking, where I got to learn about the history of a club that does charities and general well-intentioned volunteer work for the state called Lion's club. This helped me learn more in-depth knowledge of socializing with people and being a better leader, as well as a better person.


I was selected as 1 of 70 people out of a pool of 800 people to attend top-level leadership workshops in Jackson, MS and Washington D.C, where I was able to develop leadership skills from group challenges and prominent Mississippi legislators.

Some of my projects

These are the projects that I am most proud of at the moment

Javascript Components

These are some basic JS components that I did in my freetime. The main attraction being an accurate real-time analog clock.

Jittering Codepen Tags

Jittering tags is a recreation of hashtag components you can find on most modern blog posts. The jittering may look like a mistake on my part, however, that too is a recreation from the blog post I was working from.

Small Online Business

This fictitious business website is me using all of my knowledge about HTML and CSS and putting them into one project. Since making this website I have learned plenty more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Django.